StopMotionXPress by Cham Altatis and Chayne Moling

StopMotionXPress by Cham Altatis and Chayne Moling

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What is StopMotionXPress?

StopMotionXPress is a collection of eye-popping stock motion videos in various HOT niches.

They are compatible with any video editing platforms available today.

Check out the first collection of eye-catching stop motion videos that your subscribers will surely LOVE!

Increase Traffic and Leads with Stop Motion Xpress

Video marketing is changing. The magic that any video does years ago, no longer really works today.

There are already too many videos being posted today at any single minute, and the span of people’s attention is becoming shorter and shorter.

Do you know how long you have to capture people’s attention today?

Well, let me give you some interesting stats that might suprise you.

When it comes to videos, the first ten seconds is everything!

That is because 20% of people who watch your videos will close the video within the first ten seconds.

And when the video reaches 30 seconds, about a third of the original viewers won’t be watching the video anymore.

By one minute, 45% of the viewers are gone! And roughly 60% by 2 minutes.

These stats really show that you have to make your videos as short as possible if you want to get more viewers and engagements.

How short should your video be? A study conducted by YuMi and IPG Media Lab shows that 15 seconds of video is the sweet spot for video adlink.

Another study shows that videos that are 15 seconds or less are shared about 37% more than videos longer that that.

So what videos can you create for 15 seconds or less? Well, we highly recommend STOP MOTION VIDEOS.

These are probably the most engaging type of social videos that you could use to gain more traffic and leads for your business.

With stop motion, you can tell a story or show a process in just a few seconds. This type of video is also CUTE and EYE-CATCHING, so people will surely notice it.

Check out these cool STOP MOTION CLIPS you can use to increase your leads and start making SALES now!

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Videos are now everywhere and it’s rather hard to get attention from your target audience if you’re just using the usual kinds of videos.

Today, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are flooded with different kinds of videos every single minute.

With people’s attention span ever decreasing, the only way to get attention is to use short videos that can get your content and message across fast.

This is where STOP MOTION videos come in.

Check out amazing stop motion video clips here! [Aff link]

With stop motion, you can:

  • Capture people’s attention fast
  • Deliver your message or show a process in a few seconds
  • Turn cold audience into warm interested buyers
  • Make your promo videos look more interesting

No wonder BIG BRANDS are using stop motion animation for their product promotion and brand awareness campaigns.

One of the most interesting feature of stop motion videos is that they look really CUTE!

We know that creating stop motion animation videos is not that easy at all! You can spend many hours of preparation and actual shooting and produce only a few seconds of clip.

We understand that your time is of the essence so my friends Cham and Chayne made all of the hard effort for you, by creating stop motion videos you can readily use…


Introducing: STOP MOTION XPRESS, a collection of 30+ high quality stop motion clips you can use for your business right now.

Engage your target market with short but very effective video clips to increase traffic and leads for:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Ecommerce Marketing
  3. Local Business
  4. Local or Online Service
  5. Digital Products

Today, they are offering Stop Motion Xpress for a ONE TIME PAYMENT. Hurry and get this deal NOW before we change our pricing to MONTHLY!

Get Stop Motion Xpress now!

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